This couple was a dream. After sharing with me how "awkward they were in front of the camera" they proceeded to make my job effortless.

Before we start shooting couples usually express to me how uncomfortable they feel being photographed. And even when it is not said verbally it is obvious when the guy would rather poke his eyes out than be followed around by this weird blonde lady with the camera. This is normal. Most of us non-celebrity-average-humans like our privacy and aren't ready for our close up. It is strange to feel like you are being watched and expected to preform. I get it. I get it because I feel the same way when someone tries to photograph me.

My solution, put simply, is to do whatever it takes for you to forget I am there.

For some couples that means asking you to share with one another a funny memory. Others I ask what you noticed the first time you saw them. Sometimes I climb trees, lay on the ground, make dumb jokes, or bust a move. I take away the stiffness. We want to make timeless pictures, that doesn't mean we have to be so formal while we take them!

I am committed to capturing you. You as you really are. The version of you that they fell in love with. Your dynamic. Your closeness. What makes you unique. It's much easier than it seems. The emotion is there, together we play, dance, laugh and sometimes cry to help draw it out.

And after it's all said and done.. The couple who felt "awkward" stopped focusing on me and together we made this...


Aren't they just lovely? And she designed that dress herself. Doesn't get much better.

HMU: Kali Chris