image courtesy of Green Apple Photography

image courtesy of Green Apple Photography

Hi my name is Doug. I am 2.5 in human years. I am 3/4 golden retriever & 1/4 black lab. I came from a farm and Kate says I think I'm a cat but I am clearly her child. 

Kate is my Human. She likes to dress up other humans in weird outfits and follow them around with her black clicking box. I don't understand the purpose of this activity but I don't complain. I like it when we go to new places. I love new smells. 

Kate is always introducing me to new friends. I am happy when we play.


Sometimes I get in trouble for being in the way. Other times Kate gives me praise and makes the high pitch squeal sound. I don't know what I do different.

I just want to join in on the fun. I know that everyone just wants me to be next to them.

I love all the new places Kate and I explore. Sometimes we will go to a new place and it will only be the two of us. Then on a later day we will return and bring our new friends. It is fun to share our adventures.

After a long day of playing I love to cuddle up with my new friends. Kate gets very tired when she is holding the black box and making all the clicks. I like it when we get tired from being so happy. 


Someday Kate and I will visit all the places and meet all the people. Then I will be the most tired and happy of all.